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M6 Pro 700g Coffee Roaster (Artisan System) - Version 2 Sealed

M6 Pro 700g Coffee Roaster (Artisan System) - Version 2 Sealed

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PRE ORDER ONLY - We are currently out of stock of M6 Pro.  Typically 3-4 weeks for delivery via DHL from the date of order.

Note this is the Version 2 model. Click here for detailed information about what is new.  It is sometimes referred to as the S (sealed).  It includes a new sealed design as well as an updated control board.  Images shown may be slightly different than final product we are receiving.  

What does "Sealed" mean?  The innovative negative pressure sealed bean chamber combines direct fire heating and hot air circulation system.  You not only have direct fire heating but now a more uniform effect with hot air circulation.

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First Look / Reviewer Videos (May Cover All Three Variations of the M6)



The M6 Sniper is the ultimate machine for the serious home roaster. With the ability to roast up to 700g and have full control over every aspect of the roast, you can roast professional-quality coffee right at home.

The pro model is compatible with the Artisan platform. Log and control your roast in real-time with the open-sourced FREE platform. Please note that no tablet is included with the Pro models, so you need to provide your own device to run Artisan.


  • 200g - 700g capacity
  • Adjustable heat, fan speed, and drum speed
  • Real-time feedback and control via Kaleido System
  • Carbon Fiber Infrared Direct-Fire Heating System
  • USB / Bluetooth Connection
  • Temperature probes to monitor bean and environmental temperatures
  • Automatic Chaff Collection
  • Industrial-grade automatic cooling fan
  • Record, save, and share roasting curves
  • Automatic or manual roasting
  • This version is 120V only


The M6 and M10 Kaleido Coffee Roasters require a dedicated 20 ampere (20a) receptacle with no other loads on it. It is highly recommended to consult with a licensed electrician to ensure that the electrical circuit and outlet used for these roasters meet the necessary requirements for safe and optimal operation. Attempting to operate these roasters on an inappropriate electrical circuit or outlet may cause electrical overload and potentially result in equipment damage or electrical hazards. Any misuse or failure to comply with the recommended electrical requirements is solely the responsibility of the user. It is essential to prioritize safety and seek professional advice from a licensed electrician as needed.



Dimensions : 610x300x420mm , 24x11.8x16.5”

Net Weight : 20kg , 44.1lbs

Power : 2200W (120V)

Connections : USB, Bluetooth


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  • Drum Design

    Patented drum design allows for maximum airflow and consistency while roasting.

  • Infrared Heating

    One-of-a-kind carbon fiber infrared heating element enables quick and responsive heating.

  • Illuminated Trier

    Shed some light on the progress of a roast with our easy to access illuminated trier.

  • Fast Cooling

    Industrial-grade cooling system cools roasted coffee down quickly in just 2-3 minutes.