Setting Up and Using Your Kaleido Roaster

Download Hardware and Software Manuals (You Will Need Two)

Hardware Manuals

Software Manuals

Pro and Artisan Versions  

Download the latest version of artisan software here and install it on your computer or PC tablet device. 

We recommend downloading Artisan 2.4.6 for Mac here

For older Mac's if 2.4.6 doesn't work, 2.4.0 is available here

Pro Versions

Download the Artisan setting file. 

M1 | M2 | M6 | M10

For Type B boards, USB connection (Pro model only), download the USB drivers here:

Mac USB Driver

Windows USB Driver

(Note for Dual users, do not connect your USB to your computer, it will damage the roasters control board, and will not communicate)

For updated Type C boards (usually will be seen on new hot air model) download the following USB drivers here:

Mac USB Driver

Windows USB Driver

Dual Systems

Download the Artisan setting file.

M1 | M2 | M6 | M10


How to Connect Artisan Videos 

How to Connect Artisan On Windows - Kaleido Dual System


How to Connect Artisan on a Mac - Kaleido Dual System

How to Connect Artisan on a Mac - Kaleido Pro

Artisan Basics:


Helpful getting started links and other content:

Recommendations for where to buy green coffee beans

How to Create Your Own Custom Artisan Profiles

Downloadable Deg C to Deg F conversion chart

Sample Artisan Background - Brazil Espresso Roast 

Sample Artisan Background - Ethiopian Light Roast


Unboxing Videos:

Unboxing a M1 Dual



Unboxing a M2 Dual

 Unboxing a M6 Pro



Roaster Operation Videos

 Kaleido System Interface

Artisan Interface On M1

Roasting On M1 with Artisan Interface

M2 Manual Roasting

 M2 Automatic Roasting

 M10 Pro / Dual Manual Roasting

 M10 Pro / Dual Automatic Roasting


Starting Roasting Cheat Sheet:

If on a new roaster - use seasoning beans to learn on.
Weight your beans before and after roasting to measure weight loss:
In General:
11%-13% weight loss - Light
14%-16% Weight Loss - Medium
17%-18% Weight loss - Dark
19%-21% Weight Loss Very Dark
22% + Weight Loss- ON FIRE!!!
• Mark when Dry end (or "yellowing") occurs. Usually around (300f-320 F) (149c-160c)
• Mark when first crack starts with temp and time. ( around 400F (204c) but depends on thermocouple)
• Mark Second crack starts. (usually 40 degreed F after first crack) Throw away first batch if on new roaster.
In General:
• Light Roast. 10-18 degrees F after first crack
• Medium Roast 19-35 Degrees Degrees F After First Crack
• Dark Roast 35-45 Degrees F After First Crack
General Profiles to Start on:
Dry End (320F) at 4-5 min
First crack 7min - 8:30 min (Usually around 400f or 204C)
Drop beans at desired roast level. Use "Roast Guide" above to determine roast level (along with looking at beans)