Setting Up and Using Your Kaleido Roaster

Note: the Gen 2 Sealed variant of the Kaleido Roaster utilizes a new control board.  The content below covers both the legacy Board-B, and new Board-C connection Styles.  Make sure you understand that both boards information is not the same.


For new Gen 2 Sealed Roaster with Board-C (NEWER THAN SEPTEMBER 2023):

The latest version of Artisan at this time is 2.10 which can be downloaded here.

Note: All M10 will ship with the heating elements not installed in the roaster.  Please follow this installation guide for heating element installation. 


USB Drivers for Type C Boards:

Hardware Manuals for Sealed Roasters:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When I connect via bluetooth, it says 'connected" and then a few second later 'disconnected'.  How do I connect?
A: When you add the roaster to your bluetooth list, you are only adding to the list of approved devices.  You are NOT connecting to it.  Please follow instructions in video at the top of this page to set up Artisan with the correct com port, baud rate, etc. When you click the 'ON' button in Artisan, it will request connection via bluetooth.


Q: On the 'Dual' model, do I need to have Kaleido tablet connected to use Artisan

A: Previously you needed to, but with the latest version of artisan DO NOT connect Kaleido tablet while using Artisan.  It will not connect correctly and you will have issues.


Q: Do all models connect through USB?
A: Only the 'Pro' model is able to connect through USB.  The 'Dual' has a USB plug, but it is reserved only for the Kaleido tablet, and might damage your control board if you plug into a computer.  The Standard version does not connect to a computer.


Q: Can I download Artisan for iPad or Android tablets?
A: Unfortunately Artisan is not supported on those devices.  Standard Windows or Mac computers with bluetooth are recommended.  We have seen people use Linux but we do not support.  We have also seen a few people with very old bluetooth in very old laptops.  Sometimes you will need to purchase an external bluetooth dongle for proper connection. (very rare)


Q: What is the realistic minimum and maximum amount I can roast in the Kaleido Roasters?
A: The maximum capacity sizes are described for each roaster size under their listing, but each bean has different sizes and densities.  It might fit full capacity, but roasting performance may suffer.  We recommend 80-90% maximum for most roasters.
A: Similarly, roasting too little will affect performance of the roast.  Bean temperature probe might not make good thermal connectivity with the mass of beans, charge temperature might give beans too much momentum.  I usually do not go less than 50% capacity.
Q: Can I buy the 'Pro' version now, and if I decide I want the Kaleido tablet in the future, can I purchase separately?
A: No, the control boards for the 'Pro' and 'Dual' are different.  Please make careful consideration prior to purchase.  A 'Pro' version is not able to connect to a Kaleido tablet.


Kaleido Roasters USA Social Media Support:

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Artisan Basics:

Helpful getting started links and other content:

Virtual Coffee Lab YouTube Channel - Fantastic channel for learning to roast

Recommendations for where to buy green coffee beans

How to Create Your Own Custom Artisan Profiles

Downloadable Deg C to Deg F conversion chart

Sample Artisan Background - Brazil Espresso Roast 

Sample Artisan Background - Ethiopian Light Roast

Kaleido Tablet Demo Roast (same one that comes with tablet)


Starting Roasting Cheat Sheet:

When using a new roaster for the first time, we recommend using inexpensive seasoning beans to learn with.  The first 2-3 batches of seasoning beans should be discarded and not consumed. 

Weigh your beans before and after roasting to measure weight loss:
In General:
11%-13% weight loss - Light
14%-16% Weight Loss - Medium
17%-18% Weight loss - Dark
19%-21% Weight Loss Very Dark
22% + Weight Loss- ON FIRE!!!


Charge Temperatures: Depending upon bean and volume, we recommend 170-180C (338-356F). Do not use Target Temp of 220C (428F) as your charge temperature.  The charge temperature is the initial pre-warm up temperature that you set before adding the beans.  Your target temperature will be over 200C (392F) in most cases.  

(Charge temp or SV is not the same as Target Temp or drop temp).

Average roast timing, Note: this will be different for different bean origins, bean processing, and desired final development.  Usually 8-10 minutes per roast plus 1-2 minutes to cool.

  • 4 minutes dry phase
  • 4 minutes maillard phase
  • 1-2 minutes development phase
  • 1-2 minutes to cool beans after dropping into cooling tray

VERY IMPORTANT: Dump you chaff drawer after every single roast, even if it does not look very full.  Be careful to discard into an empty trash can or similar as sometimes the chaff can ignite after pulling from the drawer.   For Natural Process, Honey Process, and various Fermented Processed green coffee beans, we recommend checking chaff drawer mid roast as many of these beans produce much-much more chaff than a washed coffee bean.





For legacy Board-B:

Download Hardware and Software Manuals (You Will Need Two)

Hardware Manuals Legacy

  • M1 Legacy
  • M2 Legacy
  • M6 Legacy
  • M10 Legacy

Software Manuals

Pro and Artisan Versions  

Download the latest version of artisan software here and install it on your computer or PC tablet device. 

We recommend downloading Artisan 2.4.6 for Mac here

For older Mac's if 2.4.6 doesn't work, 2.4.0 is available here

Pro Versions (Legacy Board B Only)

Download the Artisan setting file. 

M1 | M2 | M6 | M10

Dual Systems (Legacy Board B Only)

Download the Artisan setting file.

M1 | M2 | M6 | M10

USB Drivers for Type B Boards - Legacy board (Pro model only), download the USB drivers here:

Mac USB Driver

Windows USB Driver

(Note for Dual users, do not connect your USB to your computer, it will damage the roasters control board, and will not communicate)

How to Connect Artisan Videos 

How to Connect Artisan On Windows - Kaleido Dual System (Legacy)


How to Connect Artisan on a Mac - Kaleido Dual System (Legacy)

How to Connect Artisan on a Mac - Kaleido Pro (Legacy)


Unboxing Videos:

Unboxing a M1 Dual

Unboxing a M2 Dual

 Unboxing a M6 Pro



Roaster Operation Videos

Artisan Interface On M1

Roasting On M1 with Artisan Interface

M2 Manual Roasting

 M2 Automatic Roasting

 M10 Pro / Dual Manual Roasting

 M10 Pro / Dual Automatic Roasting