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Kaleido Sniper Roasters are the premium coffee roaster for the serious home enthusiast. With plenty of size and system configurations, find your dream roasting machine today.

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About the Company

Kaleido Roasters USA is the Authorized distribution partner with Kaleido. Kaleido Roasters USA is a division of

Kaleido is a coffee roaster company based in Wuhan, China. Founded in 2008, Kaleido has been dedicated to providing high quality coffee roasters for over 10 years.

In response to the growing demand for home-roasting and the desire for better quality coffee, Kaleido has innovated the roaster product line to include a range of home-grade roasters, from 50-1200g, under the M1, M2, M6 and M10 models. These roasters are designed to be safer, easier to use, and more environmentally friendly.

The customer base includes coffee lovers, coffee shops, and coffee training schools. Kaleido currently has the largest market share of small coffee roasters in China. We invite you to explore the world of small coffee roasters with us.

Kaleido Roasters Key Advantages

Electric Carbon Fiber Infrared Heating

Carbon fiber infrared heating elements achieves an innovative breakthrough of low energy consumption and high thermal energy.

Roasting Temperatures

Kaleido Roasters feature two precise temperature probes, one for bean temperature and one for the environmental temperature inside the roasting chamber. The unique design features self locking probe holders to easily adjust probe depth.

Roasting Drum

Stainless steel mesh drum ensured uniform heating of the drum, and also allows direct fire (heating element) as well as convection heat to easily enter through the slots. The slots also allow the chaff to drop into the chaff collector below.

Loading Green Beans

A large hopper on top of the roaster allows for easy loading of green coffee. The rotating knob conveniently prevents the beans from entering the roast chamber until it has been pre-heated.


The sampler rotates into place to allow you to monitor different aspects of the roasting process. Easily pull beans out to view them in the light. Helping you better understand your roast.

Sight Glass

Kaleido roasters feature a heat-resistant quartz sight glass, offering a clear view of the roasting process.

Integrated Bean Cooling System

As soon as the beans are done roasting, it is important to cool the beans as quickly as possible to prevent over roasting the beans.

Kaleido roasters feature two cooling fans to draw air through the bean tray. The unique design of the bean tray draws air from all sides of the beans, not just the back.

Since the cooling system is independant from the rest of the roaster, it allows you to pre-heat the roaster for the next batch while cooling.

Smoke Exhaust

Kaleido Roasters offer a unique built in smoke extraction system. Using a small fan and the Venturi effect, it draws the smoke out of the roaster without disturbing the roasting chamber.