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Kaleido Sniper Roasters are the premium coffee roaster for the serious home enthusiast. With plenty of size and system configurations, find your dream roasting machine today.

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About the Company

We are the USA authorized distribution partner of Kaleido
roasters. We sell through
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Kaleido is a coffee roaster company based in Wuhan, China.
Founded in 2008, Kaleido has been dedicated to providing high quality coffee
roasters for over 10 years. In response to the growing demand for self-roasting
and the desire for better quality coffee, Kaleido has innovated the roaster product
line to include a range of home-grade roasters, from 50-1200g, under the M1,
M2, and other Kaleido series. These roasters are designed to be safer, easier
to use, and more environmentally friendly.

The customer base includes coffee lovers, coffee shops, and
coffee training schools, and Kaleido currently has the largest market share of
small coffee roasters in China. We invite you to explore the world of small
coffee roasters with us.

Key Kaleido Roaster Advantages

Independent Cooling System

Cooling fans prevent overheating of beans

Number of fans depends on model's roasting capacity

Cooling system does not affect heating

Allows for roasting of multiple batches while cooling previous batch

Electric Carbon Fiber Infrared Heating

Low energy consumption

High thermal energy

Unique penetration and rapid heating capabilities

Precise Temp Probe

Self-locking probe holder adjusts depth of probe

Ensures accurate temperature measurement

Flexible Drum

Special gears and rotating steel columns

Facilitates even heating and complete detachment of chaff

Smoke Emission

Built-in extraction system removes most smoke

Special smoke exhaust pipe available for large capacity or deep roasting

Heat Source Advantages

Carbon fiber infrared heating provides stable and easy to control heat source

Instant heating capabilities

Allows for quantitative analysis of heat's effect on roasting process