Legacy Roasters Information (Control Board B)


The following information is kept for historical purposes for those who may wish to access it in the future.  Artisan software has been updated to include legacy setup files.  The configuration files below are no longer required.  The new connection method id outlined below.

To load Legacy Artisan Setting File within Artisan Software:

Config Menu -> Machine -> Kaleido -> Legacy 

A prompt will pop up asking machine size.

  • M1 - 0.2
  • M2 - 0.4
  • M6 - 0.7
  • M10 - 1.2

Ensure the com port is set correctly before saving.

Hardware Manuals Legacy

  • M1 Legacy
  • M2 Legacy
  • M6 Legacy
  • M10 Legacy


All items listed below are no longer required, but are kept for historical purposes

    Software Manuals

    Pro and Artisan Versions  

    Download the latest version of artisan software here and install it on your computer or PC tablet device. 

    Legacy Artisan 2.4.6 for Mac here

    For older Mac's if 2.4.6 doesn't work, 2.4.0 is available here

    Pro Versions (Legacy Board B Only) - NOTE, artisan has the following files loaded into the software now.  The following are no longer required, but available if you choose to use them. 

    Download the Artisan setting file. 

    M1 | M2 | M6 | M10

    Dual Systems (Legacy Board B Only)

    Download the Artisan setting file.

    M1 | M2 | M6 | M10

    USB Drivers for Type B Boards - Legacy board (Pro model only), download the USB drivers here:

    Mac USB Driver

    Windows USB Driver

    (Note for Dual users, do not connect your USB to your computer, it will damage the roasters control board, and will not communicate)