Do Kaleido Roasters produce a lot of smoke?

Our built-in smoke extraction system is designed to absorb most of the smoke produced during the roasting process. However, as the roast volume and roast level increase, it's possible that more smoke will be produced. If you own an M10 and regularly roast more than 500 grams or tend to roast darker, we recommend using an exhaust pipe to help alleviate any excess smoke. This will ensure that you can continue to roast without disruptions and maintain a safe and comfortable environment.

What Are the Main Differences Between the M1, M2, and M10 Kaleido Roasters?

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Our M1, M2, and M10 coffee roasters all have unique capabilities to meet your specific roasting needs. The M1 has a capacity of 50-200 grams and is ideal for household use, with a compact and sophisticated design. The M2 can roast 50-400 grams and is perfect for small cafe roasting or transitioning to moderate roasting. It has a fully functional and stable design, with years of upgrades and maintenance. The M10, with its industrial linear and muscular aesthetics, can roast 500-1200 grams and is designed for commercial use. Each roaster is equipped with the necessary heating power and cooling fans to accommodate its capacity.