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Kaleido Roasters USA

Kaleido M2 M6 M10 Sampler

Kaleido M2 M6 M10 Sampler

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We have most parts in stock despite most saying out of stock.   Email WITH your order number from so that we can ensure you are receiving the correct part compatible with your model of machine.  

We do not provide after support for Amazon purchases as they are an international vendor not associated with our company.

If you lost or damaged your Kaleido Sampler/Tester scoop, we have you covered with a replacement from Kaleido Roasters USA.  Designed to fit the M2, M6, and M10 Coffee Roasters from Kaleido.


Dimensions : 300x180x250mm , 11.8x7.1x9.9”

Net Weight : 9kg , 19.9lbs

Power : 600W (100-240v)

Connections : USB


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  • Drum Design

    Patented drum design allows for maximum airflow and consistency while roasting.

  • Infrared Heating

    One-of-a-kind carbon fiber infrared heating element enables quick and responsive heating.

  • Illuminated Trier

    Shed some light on the progress of a roast with our easy to access illuminated trier.

  • Fast Cooling

    Industrial-grade cooling system cools roasted coffee down quickly in just 2-3 minutes.