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Our Friend Edith has put together some very helpful tips and tricks to document your Artisan roasts.  When you create or save a profile that you might not use for a while, it is always a good idea to document what you did so that you can repeat the process or modify it.  I used to keep a notebook, but with Artisan it allows you to add notes to your roasts!  A very nice feature to have. 

The default text says "Roaster Scope". We recommend naming your roast with the beans that you are roasting.  See steps 1-2

On the next tab "notes" you can add any notes to your profile.   When you cup the beans you can add cupping notes below.

Going back to the "Roast" Tab, you can add the green and roasted coffee weights.  You can see how it calculates % weight loss from roast.  Very handy feature.

An awesome idea to copy/paste from the bean vendor website.  As you taste you freshly roasted beans, it makes it easy to ensure that you are finding the same notes that they are.

A few display settings.  We recommend turning everything on.  The more you use Artisan, the more helpful everything becomes.

Did you know that when you enter all the above data that it will show up on your graph?  An extremely nice feature to see all of your previous or target roasts information right in front of you.

The last amazing feature is once you click roast end, you can export the graph as PDF, or any of the below file formats.  Sharing graphs with friends can be a lot of fun as they are learning, or it can help you as you experiment with variations in roast profiles.  

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