Setting up Artisan for Auto Roast - Kaleido Coffee Roasters

Our friend Edith has taken a lot of time to document her Kaleido Roaster settings and wanted us to share them.  If you are just getting going with the Auto Roast function, here are some awesome tips and tricks to help you get going!

From Edith:

Set up artisan for auto roast. Load your background and check the boxes as seen in the attached pics. I used the setting to follow BT. It didn’t follow my settings exactly but it did change them to stay on track with my background BT.
(Note: go to Events and check the box “auto Charge” that way once your beans drop you don’t have to press the button)
I also set the control of the SV to manual so it doesn’t have a life of it’s own.
If you don’t want to auto roast. The other option is the use play back aide. This will flash and alarm you when to change the settings.
Ok, now After your roaster is warmed up> PID ON>Start>Drop your beans
I did a pic of the roast with the Background and with out
EDIT: added the original roast that i used on the background
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