Kaleido Coffee Roaster Tablet - Charge Temp Vs Target Temp - What you need to know

Getting started with roasting on the Kaleido Tablet can be a bit intimidating, so we want to make it as easy as possible for you.   One of the things that confused me at the beginning, as well as others is the difference between "Temp Set" on the main screen, and "Target Temp" on the settings screen.

Temp Set is your charge temp.  This is the temperature that you will set and reach before you drop your beans into the roaster.  If it is too high, your roast will roast too fast. 

The Target Temp is the maximum temp that your roaster will be able to get to during the roast.  If the temperatures are set the same, your beans will never reach a good dropping temperature if the Target Temp is set too low. 

Watch this video from Josh R. as he goes through the basic setup of Charge Temp and Target Temp.

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